Take your demo to the next level and have your music recorded professionally in an acoustically controlled environment. Our professional staff utilize some of the best equipment in the world and can record both live off the floor, as well as use any of our three isolation booths and piano room. Our live floor is exceptional for tracking drums, and can accommodate an entire band easily.

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We offer analog tape to digital multi-track transfers and digital editing (via Pro Tools HD). We also offer restoration and noise reduction services to clean up old and noisy recordings.


Bring us your previously recorded tracks for a great sounding professional mix down. Our mixing environment is a blend of a state-of-the-art digital audio workstation (Pro Tools HD) and classic vintage outboard gear. We can also clean up old recordings and re-mix them to give you that great sound you’ve been looking for.


Mastering is the final stage before your album is sent off to the duplication plant. It ensures that the final mixes are consistent and suited to the format it will be distributed on (i.e CD, vinyl, iTunes, MP3). The masters can be processed in many ways to ensure you get a highly polished professional recording, ready for the world to enjoy.

Sound Design

Sound integration is the most important part of any video project whether it’s a simple ad or episodic television. Our sound engineers know just how to design and sculpt the sound track for your picture to capture the viewer.